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About Us

Photo of the Grinnell Surgeons specialists who offer comprehensive care.

A Partnership of Surgical Specialists

Surgical Associates, LLP, of Grinnell is a partnership of surgical specialists in private practice in Grinnell, Iowa, who have provided expertise and skill in the surgical treatment of disease for over forty years.

At Surgical Associates, Our surgeons are superbly trained, innovative, and creative. They are compassionate and combine the most advanced surgical and comprehensive care available with the most capable hands and intellect, providing an optimal milieu for recovery from illness with resultant good health.

General Surgeons, Urologists, and Mental Health Specialists

The team of General Surgeons, Urologists, Physician Assistants, a Mental Health Therapist, and Nurses, in combination with our affiliated allied health care professionals, attends to a broad spectrum of surgical needs and comprehensive care, from the simple to the most complex.

Individualized Treatment

Individualized treatment is the cornerstone of the Surgical Associates approach, focusing on health education and attention to the whole person.

Style matters; you will appreciate the difference a Grinnell surgeon makes! Meet our doctors and clinicians.

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