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What We Do

Photo of Dr. Coster with a Grinnell Surgeon's nurse.Surgical Associates’ surgeons diagnose and treat nearly every surgical illness or chronic condition located between the upper neck and the toes; what we don’t do is heart surgery, brain surgery, and major joint and bone surgery---though that could change at a moment’s notice should we add an additional surgical specialist! So if you’re not sure if we can help, give us a call and ask; chances are we can.

Our group is known for innovation and leadership in the development and application of new---even futuristic---technologies and approaches to the surgical treatment of disease. That’s why Grinnell has a reputation for excellence in minimally invasive (micro) surgery, which is our standard approach to everything in the abdomen and chest. Even newer approaches, such as single micro-incision surgery and the Da Vinci surgical system have become standards for our surgeons; and in 2011 we added an amazing new incision-less surgical approach for the first time.

Our innovative work is also the reason why the Grinnell hospital is a Level I Center of Excellence for Obesity Surgery; the only hospital of its size in the country accredited by the American College of Surgeons with this highest of distinctions.

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