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Regaining Weight

Weight Loss Patterns with Gastric Bypass

The usual weight loss pattern for gastric-bypass patients is to lose weight to a certain level and then stabilize, sometime between 9 and 18 months after surgery. It’s not uncommon after that time to gain a small amount of weight (5-20 pounds) and then stabilize again. But, if you begin to progressively regain weight, you need to see the doctor. There may be mechanical causes such as the pouch stretching, the outlet from the pouch enlarging, or disruption of the staple-line separating the old and new stomach. There also may be behavioral causes such as grazing (frequent snacking), poor food choices, or inadequate exercise. Your surgeon will evaluate and determine the most appropriate solution. Once you have had a weight loss surgery you will always strive for a balance between the calories you ingest and the calories you expend. It is this fine tuning that allows patients with bypasses to maintain their weight.

What to do if you are regaining weight

  • Make an appointment with Surgical Associates
  • Weigh yourself daily
  • Start a weight journal
  • Keep a food journal (how much and when you eat, this will help determine the issue- You may be surprised at the amount you are eating.)
  • Start walking or exercising (you should be doing 30 minutes of walking or equivalent 5 days or more per week).
  • Attend some support group meetings.


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