About the Institute

About The Institute

Leaders in robotic surgery

The Institute’s surgeons were early adopters of robotic surgery, and have become Iowa’s leaders in General Surgery and Urology for use of this technique, teaching and proctoring surgeons in Iowa and in other states.

Currently, the Institute’s surgeons perform more than two hundred robotic procedures annually, of all types.

Specializing in providing minimally invasive solutions to complex surgical problems

Our innovative surgeons were the first in the state of Iowa to perform a robotic-assisted Whipple procedure for pancreatic cancer and a robotic-assisted abdominoperineal resection for rectal cancer.

Additionally, our expert surgeons routinely perform a wide range of robotic operations including:

Our results are proven – NSQIP data demonstrates our outcomes far exceed national averages with fewer complications.

Leaders in teaching and outreach

All of our general surgeons are certified proctors of robotic surgery, having traveled extensively across Iowa and the Midwest to teach other surgeons.

Visiting surgeons routinely travel to Grinnell for case observations as they implement robotic surgery into their practices.

How to Contact Us

You may contact an Institute surgeon through Surgical Associates, LLP, of Grinnell, at 641-236-4323. Tell the receptionist you would like an appointment to discuss the possibility of robotic surgery for your condition, and they will direct you to the appropriate specialist!

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