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How To Contact Us

Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery is performed by GIRMIS surgeons both in Grinnell at Grinnell Regional Medical Center, and in Pella at the Pella Regional Health Center. Both Institutions are known for safety and extremely high quality services. The majority of Urological procedures are performed in Pella, and the majority of General Surgical Procedures are performed in Grinnell.

Our expert Robotic Surgeons are:

  • Aaron Smith D.O., Urology
  • Nick Kuiper D.O., General Surgery
  • Mathew Severidt D.O., General Surgery
  • David Coster. M.D., FACS, General Surgery

All of our surgeons are Board Certified and highly regarded in this very special, highly technical field of expertise.

You may contact an Institute surgeon through Surgical Associates, LLP, of Grinnell, at 641-236-4323. Tell the receptionist you would like an appointment to discuss the possibility of robotic surgery for your condition, and they will direct you to the appropriate specialist!

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