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What IS Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN)?

Obstetrics and gynecology, or OB/GYN care, is a medical/surgical specialty focused primarily on women.

This field combines two specialties:


Obstetrics care focuses on the care of women before, during, and after childbirth.


Gynecology involves the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the female reproductive system, breasts, and associated disorders.

Long-Term Women’s Health

Finding the right OB/GYN is an important decision. Our OB/GYN specialists create lasting relationships with patients seen.The patient relationships are long-term and are often maintained through the postmenopausal stage of a patient's life. The specialty also offers opportunities to practice other skills such as laparoscopic surgery, endocrinology, and preventive medicine. 

Picture of Elizabeth Tigges, D.O.Our OB/GYN Team

  • Who does not want to be pregnant but will in the future

    • Birth Control/Contraception, including Long-Acting Reversible Contraception
    • Sexual health counseling
    • STD Testing and Treatment
  • Who wants to be pregnant

    • Pregnancy testing
    • Sexual Function & Dysfunction
    • Infertility treatment
  • Who are pregnant

    • Pregnancy/Obstetrical care
    • High-Risk Obstetrics including Twins
    • High blood pressure and Preeclampsia
    • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • Who is done being pregnant and want to make sure it stays that way

    • Birth control/Contraception, including Long-Acting Reversible Contraception
    • Permanent sterilization procedures
  • Who can’t even think about pregnancy because of another problem

    • Management of Abnormal PAP smears
    • STD Testing and Treatment
    • Pelvic Prolapse
    • Medical and Surgical Management of Pelvic Pain
    • Vulvar Conditions
    • Sexual Function & Dysfunction
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Gynecologic Minimally Invasive Surgery, & DaVinci Robotic Surgery
    • Medical and Surgical Management of Abnormal Bleeding
    • Hormone Therapy
  • Who just want a doctor who cares!

    • Adolescent Gynecology
    • Postmenopausal Gynecology
    • Management of Abnormal PAP smears
    • Preventative Health Care
    • Hormone Therapy
    • HPV vaccination, testing, and treatment    

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