Thanksgiving Recovery: 7 Tips to Beat Post-Feast Bloat


Thanksgiving Recovery: 7 Tips to Beat Post-Feast Bloat


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From the pumpkin pie to the mashed potatoes and gravy, if you’re like most of America, you are probably feeling a little bloated and sluggish from overindulging on your favorite holiday treats. Getting back to your healthy habits can be extra challenging with so many lingering leftovers and temptations.

Here are some tips to shed the post-feast bloat and kickstart your healthy habits.

Avoid Salt

Salty foods are everywhere during the holidays, from the gravy to the french-fried-onions atop your green bean casserole, so it’s no surprise you feel extra bloated after your Thanksgiving feast. In the days to follow, consider salt your enemy and pay careful mind to cut back on high sodium foods to shed excess water weight.

Drink Lemon Water

While it may sound funny, drinking water will actually help to flush out the extra water you are retaining from eating fatty or salty foods. Even better, add an extra splash of lemon! Doing so alkalizes your highly acidic and bloated body, which helps to get rid of excess water weight.

Nix the Sugar

Sugar is inflammatory and increases your insulin levels. This increase can cause blood sugar crashes and causes you to feel hungry. Cutting out sugar will help improve your energy levels and also reduce your urge to partake in the mindless indulgence of post-Thanksgiving leftovers.

Reduce Dairy Intake

Much like sugar, dairy is also inflammatory, so it can have similar effects to that of sugar. Avoid milk, cheese and dairy products if you want to shed the post-holiday bloat quickly.

No Alcohol

Over the holidays, your liver puts in extra effort in order to metabolize the goodies you’ve been indulging in. Don’t create additional work for it by consuming alcohol. Instead, set the reset button and give your liver a vacation. A well-rested liver can metabolize fat more efficiently.

Fill Up on Lean Proteins and Veggies.

Fill up on complex carbs! Veggies are alkalizing, much like the lemon water we mentioned earlier. Fill up on veggies high in complex carbs in order to morph your highly acidic and bloated body into the fat metabolizing machine it was pre-feast. 

Take Advantage of Diuretics.

Finally, don’t forget to make use of diuretics! Natural diuretics can come in many forms, from certain foods to supplemental herbal teas. They work to flush out the excess water weight you’ve retained over the holiday. Asparagus is an excellent diuretic, so feel free to fill up on this tasty vegetable post-Thanksgiving. Another great diuretic is dandelion root, which can come in the form of tea. Sip on this throughout the day to naturally flush out excess water.  

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