Resolution Check In: Are You Sticking To Your Goals?


Resolution Check In: Are You Sticking To Your Goals?


"Resolutions" spelled out in Scrabble tiles.

New Year’s has come and passed and with that many set resolutions to better themselves. Unfortunately, research shows that 80% of resolutions fail by mid-February. Below we outline some popular resolutions, why they typically fail, and some strategies for overcoming the challenges.

Around 44% of Americans make a resolution for the New Year and these resolutions all focus on self-betterment whether that is physical or mental. Below are the top five most common New Year’s resolutions:

1.       Exercise more – 38%

2.       Lose weight – 33%

3.       Eat more healthily – 32%

4.       Take a more active approach to health – 15%

5.       Learn new skill or hobby – 15%

We all know about the surge in traffic at the gym as the New Year begins and the quick resolve to normal as many give up on their resolution, but why? Why do so many give up on bettering themselves? Some of the typical reasons are:

  • Unrealistic expectations
    • Resolutions are meant to be a challenge, but choosing a resolution outside the realm of possibility for you immediately sets you up for failure.
  • Ill-defined resolutions
    • Just as unrealistic expectations can lead to abandoning your resolution so can having a vague or unmeasurable goal.
  • Wrong mindset
    • Being passive in reaching your goals instead of being proactive can lead to a misunderstanding of the amount of work your resolution will take, leading to a sudden realization that your goal is unobtainable.
  • Bad time management skills
    • Not planning enough time for you to work to reach your goal will keep you pushing the resolution off until the next New Year is here.
  • Distractions
    • Even minor distractions (excuses) can add up.

Overcoming these reasons for failure does not have to be a daunting task. There are powerful strategies to try:

  • Be specific
  • Make it measurable
  • Make it achievable
  • Make it realistic
  • Make it exciting

So, how are you doing so far in 2018? Have you given up already? There is still time! Of course, there is no shame in moving on, but there is even less in adapting your resolution to be more obtainable. Let us know how your 2018 has been so far in the comments below!

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