Navigating BBQ Season After Bariatric Surgery


Navigating BBQ Season After Bariatric Surgery


Chicken Kebabs on a grill.

With the summer season comes BBQ’s and gatherings full of tasty, but not always healthy, foods. If you’ve recently undergone bariatric surgery, you know you’ve got to be aware of the food choices you make, but it can feel alienating to attend parties and grill outs when you have to avoid certain foods and beverages. You don’t have to suffer though! Here are some tips to help you stay the path so you don’t cause delays to your recovery progress.

Tip: Choose Skewers over Burgers

While it may be tempting to build your own burger, bread is one of the main foods you should avoid post-bariatric surgery. But have no fear! There are other protein-based alternatives to this BBQ classic. Instead, get creative and experiment with a variety of grilled meat and/or veggie skewers! 

Depending on your recovery timeline, you may want to stick to a meatless variety with a vegetable medley. If you are far enough along in your process, you may be able to try adding lean meats such as chicken, beef cuts, or even lamb!

Tip: Have a Healthy Snack Before You Go

This one is like the “don’t go to the grocery store hungry” rule. If you go hungry, you’re more likely to overeat and/or choose foods that could compromise your progress. Additional tip: survey the foods on the menu before you start filling up your plate, create a game plan, and stick to it! This will be much easier to focus on if you don’t have that little hangry growl disturbing your stomach.

Tip: Avoid Alcohol Completely

At any point in the recovery process, your body is not prepared to handle the carbohydrates and/or sugars in most alcoholic beverages…especially beer. The alcohol will pass directly into your intestines due to your body’s inability to metabolize it. Because of this, you will feel the influence of the alcohol much sooner than you would have prior to your surgery. We recommend that you use extreme caution if you do decide to consume alcohol. Under no circumstance should you drink and drive, during your recovery, you are subject to DUI-level intoxication after just one drink.

Tip: Have Fun and Do What Is Best for You

If you don’t think the menu at the barbecue is going to fit into your weight loss goals or health and dietary restrictions, simply plan to eat around the BBQ. That way, you won’t be miserably hungry and envious of all the other BBQ-goers, and you can focus on having a lovely time with your friends and family! Your discomfort and progress are not worth the risk of a plate of food at a social event. 

Tip: You Can Still Have Dessert…

…you just must be selective as to what you decide to treat yourself with! Going back to the food-on-a-stick route, fruit kebabs are a great option. We can even suggest a yogurt-based fruit dip for an added sweetness! Click here for a recipe that will fit right into your diet.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to enjoy BBQ season without too much stress or worry. We want you to stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy yourself! 

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