The Importance of Following a Meal Plan Post-Surgery


The Importance of Following a Meal Plan Post-Surgery


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Post-Bariatric Meal Plan Importance

To ensure that you get the most out of your bariatric procedure, it is imperative that you follow the post-surgery meal plan to a “t”. We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions as to whether or not you should eat a specific food item at any point during your healing process. We want you to feel comfortable making the right decisions about your food consumption and this article will briefly explain why.

To Heal

The meal plans provided to you by your doctors have been specifically planned for you to secure your healthy recovery. If you choose to eat an unapproved food item, you risk your health. This may sound a tad dramatic, but it is one hundred percent true. Your stomach has gone through some serious trauma and needs to encounter food of the appropriate amounts, textures, and compositions.

To Get Your Nutrients

This goes hand-in-hand with healing. Now more than ever, you must be sure to get your nutrients. Your body is doing its best to heal itself and you should do all you can to assist it in doing so. Keep in mind, the meal plan is specifically meant to get your body what it needs, in the forms that are currently needed. Over time, you will be able to get the same nutrients in a variety of ways, but for now, you should stick to the methods and supplements suggested to you by your doctor.

To Avoid Discomfort

If you eat something outside of your meal plan, especially in the time period immediately after surgery, you will more than likely experience some form of discomfort and/or sickness. This is due to the fact that your stomach is no longer the same, and therefore the food you consume must change as well. We do not want you to feel nauseous because 1.) feeling queasy is never fun and 2.) vomiting could put your body under unnecessary stress, further slowing your healing process.

To Promote Weight Loss

This point goes back to the very beginning and the reason you pursued bariatric surgery in the first place. If you’ve made it this far (through a procedure), we’re sure you’ve heard that this surgery is not a quick fix for permanent weight loss. You can gain the weight back. Especially if you do not follow the post-procedure meal plan.

We want this procedure to be just as successful as you do. If you remember why you are doing this, and keep the above motivators front-of-mind as you heal, you will be well on your way not only to a speedy post-surgery recovery but to a healthy, more enjoyable life.

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I m trying to eat a lot more healthier but its hard with all the junk food and fating foods out today.

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Great information, Thanks for sharing these informative content with us. Good work, Keep sharing.

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This is very informative and I am pleased with the meal.I will used it after my wife sergery.

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Very glad to recieve the information, thanks

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